Empower Yourself

The future of medicine is here.

Health information confusion, depersonalized care and overwhelmed practitioners who are too busy

saving lives to discuss vitamins.

Living abroad internationally just makes

everything harder - from language barriers to

cultural etiquette. What if you could be FREE from the

fear and pain?

I've got you. Take back control.

Become your own health guru.

Quit wasting time and money chasing down false trails. 

Feel good and be healthy. 

Be confident that you are making the right health decisions for yourself and your family. 


Learn how to navigate health care systems

wherever you live and leverage technology. 

For now and for the future.

Hi, I'M Dr Em

I look forward to meeting you on your journey to optimal health.

MD (University of Washington, Seattle), LMCHK

DABIM (Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine)

Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Dept of Fam Med and Primary Care

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