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MD (University of Washington, Seattle), LMCHK

DABIM (Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine)

Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong 

Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care

Hi, I’m Dr Em

My goal is to be healthy of mind and body at my 100th birthday party. And I’d like to invite you to come with me as I learn and discover.


I’m a brain health coach and internal medicine doctor with background in women’s health and integrative medicine. I moved back to Hong Kong about ten years ago to take care of my grandma, who is now 105.  

My goal is to empower multi-generational care partners to take care of themselves by building new habits of thinking, feeling and being.

Thanks so much for visiting! I’d love for you to take a look around --


The Brain Health Check is a quick and easy way to start learning about how well you are doing in terms of brain function right now. 

Or you may wish to dive right into reading  iHeal Magmy online blog that's all about brain health. Each post features a piece of my artwork and personal reflections on mental health, neuroscience, and popular health trends.

Dr Em

Take a class

Do you want to discover more in brain health? Courses and webinars are in the works.  

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