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I feel empowered and ready to take back agency over my health decisions. I developed more courage to take action and move forward. I have so much gratitude for this experience.”


Melissa Rivard

. . . Radical difference in my energy levels, performance, and other health goals. . ."



Dr Victor Bourdeau

 . . .Helped me to foster better self-reflection which has led me to having new insights on how to approach specific challenges, as well as motivating me to live a healthier and happier life."



Dr Weng Yee Chin

We still comment on the 'lasting impact'

(Dr Em) had when she helped us reframe the way we looked at our process  of making a family, which can be incredibly stressful. But now we are able to see it not only in a positive way, but one imbued with certainty.

Dr Bon Cheng

 . . . (Dr Em) addressed many different aspects of my life and managed to move quickly through my various difficulties as the obstacles seemed to just melt away . . . . nothing 'airy fairy'  .  .  . caring and professional . . . 

Katherine Gatherer, Physiotherapist

(You) helped me in immense ways, including giving me insight and also helping me to set reasonable goals. Your help came at such a difficult time for me, and you gave me such strength.

Dr Donna Kaminski

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