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Brain Health Check

You've already beaten the odds!

Understand Your Score

By being here. By being curious about your brain health.

The Brain Health Check is not a test that you can pass or fail, nor is your Index Score fixed.

It's important to meet ourselves where we are.  It took courage for you to take the Brain Health Check, and to answer those questions about how you are taking care of yourself. 

Your Index Score is just a indication of where you are on your Brain Health journey. We all have to start somewhere. The main thing is that you are here - which means that you care about brain health. And your brain is thanking you  for that right now. 

This is a judgment-free zone. You get to learn about what actions you can take to move forward. It's a matter of trial-and-error for all of us, wherever we are starting from.

Remember that fear is not a sustainable motivator, because when we are running from fear, any direction will do. But you will find you will be more motivated long term when you can have grace and compassion for yourself, and when you can envision being healthy of mind and body at your 100th birthday party.

Your brain is definitely worth all the care and nurture you can give it!

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Presented by Dr Em Wong
Founder & CEO Brain Health School

I see you, and I'm right here with you, on this journey to better brain health. 


You can definitely do this. Learn the science behind what matters most, build your neuroplasticity through mindset dexterity, and cultivate the kind of energy that keeps you in flow. 

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