Hello from DR Em

I'm Dr Em, physician and brain coach. I have spent most of my career teaching and working on the business end of academic medicine in the US, and moved back to Hong Kong to help take care of family in 2011

My mission is to help women unleash the extraordinary power of their brains by combining the best of science and self coaching. You can learn to #tamestress and prevent dementia. Really. You can definitely do this, too.


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Optimal Brain Performance

Did you know that up to one third of dementia cases are preventable and even more can be delayed through healthy lifestyle measures? 

Neuroscience is exploding with exciting new breakthroughs every day. We are learning so much about how body basics like exercise, diet and sleep can protect our brains. Turns out that heart healthy practices and cancer prevention strategies do double duty in protecting our bodies as well as our brains. 

So what gets in the way of prioritizing your self care? Maybe you're overwhelmed by too many ToDos, or constantly stressing out about work, the kids, finances, your spouse, et cetera, ad nauseum . .  

What if you could learn how to #tamestress and transform the experience of your life  through mindset dexterity. 

Integrity Healing represents the next step in promoting autonomy and self-care. Start investing in your one precious life today.


I'm available for speaking engagements for your group.