November’s Feature Article

When’s the last time that you gave yourself permission to dream about the future? I mean really allowed your imagination to go to town? Not about someone else like your kids, but about yourself? Chances are that it’s been a while. 


Most of us stop dreaming about our future somewhere in our thirties or forties. Sometimes it’s because you are already on track for career and family, but more often it’s because you don’t want to be disappointed. Sure you might have a bucket list, but it’s probably been gathering dust for a while.


Actually maybe that’s why so many people go through a “midlife crisis”, because somehow you don’t love living in this dream life. We get weighed down by responsibility and we believe that we have too much to lose.


What if midlife didn’t have to be a crisis? What if our 50s and 60s turned out to be a natural transition point for most adults when our priorities begin to shift as we approach the empty nest stage? What would be possible if we allowed ourselves to proactively plan out the next 3-4 decades? This month’s feature invites you to ponder your beliefs about the next half of your adult life.

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