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Paauwerfully Organized

Kathy Paauw


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Exceptional free offerings for organization (Resources: Free Tips and Tools) and inspirational newsletters.


About Paauwerfully Organized : Finally, I took the opportunity to really think about what I felt called to do, and that’s what led me to launch Paauwerfully Organized.

Since 1995, I have been at the helm of my own business, combining my background as an Organizing & Productivity Consultant with my training as a Certified Professional & Personal Coach. I am also a Jack Canfield Success Principles Certified Trainer.

More than a coach, I consider myself a Life Architect. Assisting clients all over the globe, I work to help you identify the “why” of your life, and then help you couple that with the “how” to create systems and structures to support that “why.” Yes, it’s organizing – but it’s much more than teaching you how to clean up your desk. We’ll design a blueprint that helps you live a purposeful and productive life… the life you deserve!

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