Community is the guru of the future

Thich Nhat Hanh


We are a community of travellers on our respective journeys to optimal health. We are healers, caregivers, mothers, teachers and learners. We want to maintain our independence as we learn to embrace our experience and wisdom.

Join us if you seek to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and the natural healing traditions, if you are looking for a community of curious, respectful and compassionate learners.  May we be the medicine for each other.

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OPTIMAL BRAIN Performance:
Fight dementia

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Did you know that brain changes begin at least 20 years before the first symptoms of dementia?

What if you could prevent degenerative changes in your brain through evidence-based lifestyle interventions? 


Improve your sleep. Build your resiliency. Follow through on your self care. Match your brainspan with lifespan.

No one else can do this for you. #momyourbrain #fightdementia